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right now i'm pretty worried about a lot of things. like why indeed did i waste so much time and effort in things that noone else sees? because someday, i do indeed have a lot of dreams of flying, of making things happen, that for a very brief season.... did seem to happen. but someday, though, if nothing else, i've left a warning to the future should it ever have to be rebuilt someday...don't let everything get to you indeed. because we're all in this together, whether we like it or not.whether anyone ever , like , cares or not that this message was sent.. someday, i'd think, something indeed, is out there, though many light years away, living, alive, caring, but yes, we 'people' were here on this world...even as figments of imagination.. we were all heros...for just one brief shining moment in time. and yes, whether souls exist or not...i do believe this much.. there is life out there...maybe even a parallel world not far away..where indeed dreams do come true..even the nightmares.

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