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Jaguar Collection notes; Battlesphere rant

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Well, I decided last week to go ahead and add some more games to my collection of the Atari Jaguar. I purchased Skyhammer and some S-video cables from Carl at Songbird Productions, and am awaiting their arrival. I'm very excited about Skyhammer, because the screenshots look very interesting and very very good in terms of graphics. I really can't wait to see this game in action. And believe it or not, I'm quite excited at the prospect of finally recieving some s-video cables as well, for I know how good an improvement those things have been on other systems like my Neo Geo and Nintendo systems. I'm not sure how much an improvement I'm going to get, but I'm sure once I hook them up I'll notice something....but nevertheless, I've always thought the Jaguar had a better-than-average composite video output. Actually thats an understatement, as I really feel the Jag has the best composite out I've ever seen, so I can't wait to see how well the s-video looks.In a few weeks, I plan on finishing off the Songbird part of my collection, and am planning on buying Hyper Force, Soccer Kid, and Jag-Ads...all of which I'm extremely anxious and excited about purchasing. I already have Protector SE, and I was very pleased with the overall quality of that game, especially the packaging.--------------------------------------------------------------I really need a copy of Battlesphere. I would prefer the Gold edition, but would settle for the original release to start with. I've never had the chance to play this game, and it's not a money issue either, as I've tried to purchase the game multiple times in the past, and usually have offered OVER what was the asking price. I've offered up to $250 for a Gold edition of this game a few years ago when it wasn't worth that much, but it's always sold to someone else for less due to a 'promise' or a 'friend' or whatnot.Thats all fine and good, I guess I just have to miss out, but there's something about the Battlesphere market that makes me upset with this community a little bit, and that is the fact that there is too much hoarding of this game. Since it's a network compatible game for up to 8 players, there are actually people who thought they needed 8 copies of the game, and they still have 8 copies, if just to use them once a year at a random Jagfest. I don't mind missing out on some guy who's selling his only copy of Battlesphere, as he probably needed the money and I was late or whatever, but this game really should be more readily available within the community. I really wish this hoarding mentality would go away, and some of you guys with 8 copies, or 4 copies, or however many multiples you have, would do the rest of us Jaguar fans the honor of selling those things off so the rest of us could actually play this game. There simply aren't enough Jaguar fans in one place to warrant one person holding on to so many copies. Heck, it's damn near impossible just to get 2 Jag owners together to network a 2 player game of DOOM, and you most likely have to be living in the same large city like NY or Chicago.I honestly have ZERO respect for anyone that has 8 copies of this game. I'm sorry but thats the way I feel, and if I ever see you in person at a Jagfest or other get together I'll be sure to run that sentiment your way and to your face. I'm not a communist, I don't believe in taking whats yours and spreading it equally to the masses, even though thats what my rant sounds like. Like I said, I think it would be the honorable thing to do if you *sold* the games off to the community at large.The way I think of it is, what situation is better: Situation A where one person owns 8 copies of this game, that gets displayed once a year at Jagfest for a few people to play for a few minutes under supervision of the owner; or Situation B where 8 different people own Battlesphere and can play it everyday whenever they want? I think the answer is pretty self-evident.Any person with the money, should be able to own and hoard as many games as they want I guess, there's nothing illegal about it. But it certainly says alot about your character, and your selfish nature. If you get enjoyment from withholding this systems' best game from the majority of Jag owners and fans, why is that? It's not a status symbol for cryin out loud, it's a video game.

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