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1974 Home Video Games




Zip! Zilch! Zippo! The Big Goose Egg! Empty City! ZERO!

Since this blog is just dealing with HOME videogames, specifically, games one plays on their TV, in their home, I've really got very little to say about 1974 as no new home videogames come out in 1974.

Let's imagine that for a few minutes shall we?

Do you remember, towards the end of the last millenium, what Summertime used to be like for our dear hobby/lifestyle?

Dead. Very few games came out in the Summers of the late 90s. It is funny, because that's when most kids have all the time in the world to play videogames. Even now there are Summer doldrums but certainly not like they were in years gone by.

Imagine if nothing came out for an entire frackin' year! Go ahead. Feel the life drain out of you! See your world turn from [b]HOPE![/b] into [i]despair[/i]. From [b]EXCITEMENT![/b] into [i]boredom[/i]. From [b]JOY![/b] into [i]un-joy[/i]. [i]No new home videogames all year. God. The horror. The horror![/i]

((Warning! Switching to back to Present Tense! Present Tense is used to make you feel more "in the moment". More like a witness, rather than merely someone reading about it!))

If you are someone into video games here in 1974, [i]chances[/i] are, you don't have Odyssey to thank for that.

You are [i]into[/i] them because you like playing PONG with your friends at some place like, the Bowling Alley. Sadly, you probably only do this because you're there to [i]actually bowl[/i]. PONG is something for you to do while you wait for a lane.

I'm no expert on the Arcade era of 1971 to 1975. But there's someone, name Steve Fulton who is, over at Armchair Arcade. He's written a [i]wonderful[/i] account of Atari's offerings during those crazy, hazy years.

Find it [url="http://www.armchairarcade.com/aamain/content.php?article.100"]here[/url].

Isn't there a Steve Fulton who blogs around here? Guess I'll have to look into that.

Um, what else?

Yeah. 1974. Dull year for home videogames. *yawn*. . .Okay, look. This is a dull entry because I'm trying to convey the dullness of 1974.

On Friday nights in 1974 there were probably more people watching [i]The Brady Bunch[/i] than were playing home video games. Sad but true.

I'll move into 1975 next entry. Even if it's just to say "IF I had the home version of PONG, I'd tell you what it was like to PLAY it."

[right][size="5"][url="http://www.atariage.com/forums/blog/87/entry-467-1973-end-of-an-odyssey/"]<- PREV[/url] | [url="http://www.atariage.com/forums/blog/87/entry-475-i-have-no-pong-and-i-must-scream/"]NEXT ->[/url][/size][/right]


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So Ultraman wins in 1974. At least if you're staying home.

The article on the Atari seems very interesting. Going to read it soon. Thanks. :-)

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Yeap, great article. Interesting to see how Atari did some questionable things on the beginning. Perhaps they got away with it because those were uncharted waters at the time.

By the way, it's my birthday today. Interestingly enough, this blog entry was written the day after my birthday, 7 years ago. Maybe it's not that interesting. Meh.

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