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Well, this is homebrewing too. Of a sort. :cool:
Except with 2600 homebrewing, the creation is hard work and the result is fun, not the other way around...

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wow cool. 4 isn't as common now. I have 3 sibs


congrats to you and your wife, take care



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Do you really use the words godfather and godparenthood? I was looking up the german words "Patenonkel", "Pate" and "Taufpate" and in all cases it delivered godfather.


In english language context so far I only associated this with the movie, i.e. the mafia :)


The traditional concept behind a "Patenschaft" is basically that when both parents get run over by a bus for example, the underage children will get adopted and raised by the "Paten".


Coming back to what I originally wanted to say, my sister-in-law is giving birth to a son while I'm writing this and she chose me to become his uhm... godfather :roll:


This is a great honor, I'm looking forward to that :)


BTW: It doesn't just mean I'm responsible for the boy in the worst case, but also that I will have to care more about him, than a random other child within the family. You know, bigger birthday/x-mas presents, having him visiting during school vacations, etc.


Do you have godparents assigned for your children as well, Bob?


EDIT: I think you know the concept as well in the states, I just remembered that I once saw a King of Queens episode dealing with that topic ;)

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No, no godparents. Godparents come from roman catholicism, originally, and I ain't roman catholic. :roll: Has to do with infant baptism and such.

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I see. In our family it has lost most of the religious meaning. I couldn't even be a religious godfather, since I seceded from the Evangelical Church.

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