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Rainy days

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The old adage, "April showers bring May flowers" may just hold true as today has been quite dreary and cold. Rainy days always seem to make me sleepier than usual and very bored too. I already miss the 70 degree weather that we had last Monday. I hope that it comes back for the long run.I didn't feel like doing any of my homework, since all of it is due the first week of May. I don't have much left so I could always wrap it up next weekend and still have enough time to submit it. Not too worried about it anymore as most of my projects are completed for both courses. Well I'm quite drained now. Had the ignition switch in my car replaced and so far, it runs much better than it did. Only cost $20 for the part and the labor wasn't that expensive being that it was another family member who put it in. I'm kind of relieved and hope it will hold up some more. Got a check in the mail for $50 as insurance reimbursement for my glasses. Kinda nice to get money in the mail. Always is. Anyway, just thought I'd let y'all know. This is probably the only blog I can keep up with and I think it's better than making long winded topics and pissing off others more with my post count.

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