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Mega STE tweaking.

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As I said on my previous post, I got a Mega STE from my good friend Beetle whom I met at Outline 08. As one would expect the Mega STE is in top form. I'll add pictures in my gallery (heh, I just found about this feature :)).

Now, I need to install the necessary software so that the machine becomes at it's best.

Let's say a few things about it and compare it to the falcon.

The MegaSTE is pretty fast, sometimes more so than the falcon. BUT it can only take up to 4 MB's of RAM. So, mirroring my falcon isn't a real option. Well let's start:


1. I need a boot manager:

STOOP, XBOOT or Start-IT. XBOOT I have original, STOOP I don't, Start-It I got from an STFORMAT cover disk. I think I'll go to the last, if only for the something new factor, plus it seems nice.


2. I need GDOS.

Luckily I have version 2.5 of NVDI. But I could just as easily go for SpeedoGdos. NVDI offers screen acceleration too. I think I'll go for NVDI.


3. I want Multitasking. MiNT+ XaAES will leave me with 1.5MB's free. So what if I use an old kernel and Geneva? Interesting project I think :)


4. I need a desktop. That's easy: Teradesk!


5. I need a text editor. Here we have a lot of options. QED (fully featured but...slow). Everest (I really like that one). Others I need to look for. Any suggestions?


6. I need a music player. There is a problem here. I don't know of an all around music player for the STE, so it will be Player v1.0 for mods, snd player for sndh. I think I am covered.


7. I need something for my uber drawing skillz. Crackart or Dpaint? I'll ask!


8. I need demos! I'll start from here. Only problem is I only have 1gb of HD.


9. I need games... D-BUG!!!!!! You all know the link and if you don't you should! ;)


10. I need to code! GFA GFA GFA BASIC!


That's about it. Any additions? Please comment!

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Brag, brag, brag, I got a mste, blablabla... :D :D :D


Ok then, I'll try to be more creative ;)


1. The many years I used my ste with floppies I went for superboot, which is freeware and it did all I wanted. Xboot might be a bit too much for a ste (well, the interface is nice anyway).

2. Yep go for NVDI.

3. I'd go for MagiC if I were you. While it's missing the eyecandy of Geneva and the up-to-date-ness of mint, it's lightning fast, and with NVDI tasks will execute much faster than on TOS :cool:

4. Jinnee, mwuhahahaha! Nah, tera will be fine.

5. Go for Everest, it's quite fast even on a normal STE.

6. How about the gem version of JAM? I'm quite sure that whizzcat made a gem protracer replayer that worked nicely too.

7. Both I'd say :( Neochrome deluxe is good too. Depends on which one yuo get used to (Dpaint man myself)

8. D-Bug #193 if you're bored loading them from disk too. Oh, I did the pandemonium demos too.

9. Errrr, what's the url again? :P

10. WRONG! Assembly is the only way to go and don't you forget it ;)


Well Kobold is the best file copier, Fcopy pro the best disk copier/formatter, SNDH player and GEMplay for your blip blop needs, and I might have a look later for anything else :D

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It's not as if I can't remember a certain someone bragging about a newly acquired TT on IRC! Oh well.. :D :(



1. I've never heard of Superboot. I'll give it a try!

3. Magic is indeed great! But it' s not free.

4. Mwahahaha. I dare not run Jinnee on my falcon :cool:

6. Yeah jam is great. I'll put that in too!

10. Yeah yeah :P. I'll make the leap someday :D

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