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the interview

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so, i get a call last friday to set up a phone interview. she tells me to call back on friday between 10 and 11. i ask, is this range engineering branch and get, no, this is system engineering. and she says, btw, you were one of three selected out of 200+ resumes. and i'm like, cool.hang up and check my records. i never applied to this branch and have no idea of the job. i call back say, hey its great and all but what the hell will i be doing. so i get a position description. looks good.friday rolls around and i get a demo scheduled for .... friday 10am. i put another guy on it during the interview. about 40 mins into it, my boy comes up from the lab and says there is a problem. i tell the guys on the phone i have a problem and must go, and ask how do we finish. nothing. i ask my options. they say there are none. they have other things to do today and the paperwork has to be filled out today. so, they ask me to make the call. my call was to go solve the problem as i can't ignore my current responsiblities.i figure, if they wanted me, they would have scheduled 20 mins to finish up. but paperwork is paperwork. what a waste.

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