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Puzzle Games That Begin With P

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Here's some DS reviews:


Planet Puzzle League

Planet Puzzle League is basically Pokemon Puzzle League for the N64, which in turn is basically Tetris Attack. One thing I don't like about certain DS games is holding it sideways. PPL makes you do this. But as far as puzzle games go, it's solid. You control the pieces with the stylus, making them trade places horizontally by touching the stylus and moving it left or right. If you get three or more matching pieces (by color), they disappear, while new ones keep coming up from the bottom. The major beef is there is no vertical movement. It's a pretty long one, too, as a beginner game can take as long as a half-hour before you get a game over (which is caused by the pieces going to the top.) But fortunately, there is a button to touch with the stylus to make the pieces rise up faster.

rating: 3/5



This is a puzzle game where you also use the stylus, but this time the goal is to make rows disappear by making a whole row of them the same color. The falling blocks version gets really hard really fast, but for people who don't like that version, there's also a version that has a set board. There's 100 of these puzzles to solve, some of which are easy, and some of which are extremely hard and nearly impossible (like #100.) And if you run out, you can store a sizeable # of custom puzzles you can create on your own (or get from someone who also has a copy of the game). Unfortunately, the game has been out of print for years now, but you'd have good luck if you find one used with all 100 puzzles solved. (I cheated and used the internet after puzzle #90 or so.)

rating: 4/5


Puyo Pop Fever

What can I say? It's Puyo Pop (aka Kirby's Avalanche, and also Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine). Along with PPL above, a single game can take upwards of 30 minutes. The goal in this game is to get 4 or more blobs to stick together to make them disappear. The blobs fall Tetris-style and stick automatically once they reach bottom. There's other modes, but I won't get into them because I haven't played them. The mode everyone knows on this game is Single Player/Endless. So, if you like Puyo Pop, and you like the DS, you should get this game.

rating: 4/5


next up: Break out the Breakout clones!

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