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The 5 Most Important Videogames of All Time

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Like with any screen media, concept recirculation plays a rather heavy part in the videogames industry, yet on the odd occasion a really truly inspired game slips through the net. A single game can force the future of videogames from a stagnant pool of shit to an exciting evolution. Here is my shortlist of the five games that have been the most important and why.5. Space InvadersTaito’s 1977 game was the first to see fully animated sprites, it caused a shortage of the 100 Yen coin used to play it in Japan and was the basis of the shoot-‘em-up genre which still lives on - it’s lineage can be found in recent releases like R-Type Final, Ikarugua and Chaos Fields. Not to mention that it was the first ever ‘killer app’, shovelling Atari and its 2600 out of the shithole.4. Donkey KongThe first game by Miyamoto-san, the first appearance of Mario, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach, the first ever platform game and the making of Nintendo. If that isn’t enough it’s a really good game to boot. Without this the industry would be in a very different shape today.3. Tomb RaiderThe importance of this game is difficult to see now; its influence was far-reaching and all encompassing, and was the genesis of the 3D action adventure. Although the game originally launched on the Saturn, it was the game that, along with Resident Evil and Wipeout, brought the Playstation in to the homes and bedsits of many a gamer. To think that all that came before was the CD-i, Jaguar and 3DO, you can really see the amount they had to innovate to get this working. And all this from a girl!2. ShenmueShenmue was the first massive budget videogame blockbuster. It rather unfortunately flopped and cost Sega a lot of money, and possibly the Dreamcast. Yu Suzuki’s AM2 assembled a massive talented team to realise the dream of the Outrun creator, by designing, modelling and programming a massive world to explore that features sub-quests, character interaction, kittens, fighting, toys, bus travel, arcades, downloadable content, hotdogs, ancient Chinese scrolls and forklift trucks.Shenmue is a one-of-a-kind game that you’ll probably never see the likes of again. Although not a massively well known title it’s influence can be seen in everything from recent Grand Theft Auto games to EA sport sims. This game set the standard of the current generation of games, and exceeded it with its sequel.1. Sonic The HedgehogDescribed as being a Zenith moment in videogames design, this game was fast, slick and cool. I’m sure if you distil even one fifth of the magic that went in to creating this game then you’d have a classic on your hands. Although the game didn’t have too many bells and whistles, it was so refined that it became irresistible. The timing of this and subsequent 2D releases tells you that the most important thing to Yuji Naka and his team was to play this game and get it right, it received the polish that most titles now could only dream of, and is a pointer for all Q&A teams.Controversial, I’m sure. But as I see it these are the 5, although perhaps not best, most important titles since the inception of Spacewars. Whatever you call them, you can’t deny them their greatness.

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