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Why was the software pack created?

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You might have read the announcement and you might have not. But with the help and kind offer for hosting from D-Bug, I released (and I use the I in a relatively loose sense) a small preconfigured software collection. You can find it at http://morethangames.dbug-automation.co.uk/ .

What's the deal with it? As I write in the web site, nowadays most active people in the community or people that want to get into it, get an atari ST with a hard disk. But setting that hard disk up, a complete atari computing system, can be and in many cases it is, a tedius task. There is an awful lot of software one can put in. Most of it will work on anything. Others are not MiNT or Magic compatible or need a lot of RAM, or need TOS extensions. What I did was to try to minimise that searching time, include the software that I felt would work best on any atari system but won't limit the user from finding the proper tool for his job or customise it on their own. In that sense it's much like a Linux distro. Only difference is that you get a bare hard drive, unzip the packs contents on it and you are ready to go.

Are there things missing? You bet. That's why your input is needed. Point me to things you'd like included. Only rule, don't point me to commercial or limited stuff. To the best of my knowledge everything in there is free to distribute and unhindered. Some are open source. Some are just freeware.

You'll ask, why not abandoned stuff? Well, I just prefer free stuff. And in about 90% of the cases these are newer and better than what there was on the ST's peak. Why not use the free stuff, why not give feedback to people still active who are really interested in making most out of the Atari 16/32? Why go back to the same old thing?

In any case this is an ongoing project. Updates are planned, they will be released with both a full package and an update one. The second will be for the people who've already installed the previous one. The first for those who haven't downloaded it yet.

That's about it. Have a happy 2009 everyone.


Many thanks to D-bug for all their help.

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