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Peak time at work

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I just learned today that next week, I will be expected to work 12 hour days and possibly work on one of my days off. I'm not really excited about this, but it could mean that I will get a much bigger check. I also heard that we are getting $2 more on top of our hourly wages for all of next week. I'm pumped and primed for what's sure to be another "peak hell". Work is expected to ramp up by the end of this week as more people pour in to help keep the shipping lines going for Mother's Day. I'm planning on buying 4 packs of Sugar Free Red Bull for those 12 hour days, as well as packing enough food to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Supper at work, since I won't have much time to prepare meals after work. I might just buy a pack of Slim Fast in cans for my suppers. It's going to be busy alright and I'm kind of looking forward to it.Classes are nearly wrapped up. Only some final exam work to do for one course and a homework project left for another and I'll be all done. Trying to get everything finished before next week so I can concentrate on work. Hope I accomplish it.My diet's still doing well. I'm trying to slow it down just a bit because I've been feeling weird a bit lately. I'll just continue to get at least 1100 calories if not 1200 most days. I'm stepping up my exercise routine as well. Hope to lose more and get down more because I love the way I look/feel now.

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