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Kurupoto: Cool Cool Stars

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This is a puzzle game. You must guide the ball-like character (a star) to a halo (goal) by turning the playfield left and right. As you do, there are some blocks (Kurupotos) that fall depending on how you turn the playfield. These blocks, when in the right place, help you get to the goal. Although the story in between levels is kinda stupid (The stars in the sky fall down, and the Kurupotos, these blocky creatures, help get the stars' haloes back so they can get back in the sky. Who knew stars couldn't be in the sky without halos?), the puzzle aspect is there. Well worth the $15 I paid for it, but you must unlock the mode where you can play any playfield you want by completing the entire story mode. A good thing about this though is that the game saves automatically in the story mode, so you can turn the game off without saving it. I don't know how many levels (constellations) there are though, and the instruction booklet doesn't tell. I have never heard of this game until I ran into it in the "dump bin" at Best Buy (at least that's what the sticker on the game says, so I guess that's what Best Buy calls the cheap games.) So if you run across it, like puzzle games, and have $15 on you, get the game.

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