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Pinobee: Wings of Adventure

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company: Activision

size: 64 MB

NP review: volume 145, page 116 (4/5)


This game unfortunately didn't come with an instruction booklet, which is where I'm guessing all the important info is. Luckily, I have the NP issue which explains the stuff in it.

The game is a basic platformer. Except there's no lives. Instead, there is a life meter (stupid), which once it gets to empty, the game ends. I don't know why, though, since there seems to be infinite continues. Each level ends with a "diary" which explains what stuff you did in the level. With it, I figured out that it's good to kill the golden enemies in each level (if you can find them.) Killing enemies is easy, it's just like in Mario's world (jump on most of them.) There is one special move you can earn called a dash. The last saved game i went in had 6 in a row. I erased one and so far i've gotten to be able to use 4 in a row. All you need to do is press up, and then jump, and you dash upwards, or sideways (depending on which way you press the control + after you press up.) This move gets you on ledges that are out of reach with a normal jump. All in all, the game is kind of fun. The graphics are great for an early GBA release. My final score: 6.5/10


next up: Earthworm Jim.

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