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Soccer in Seattle

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THANKS TO TOMMY I was at the Sounders FC vs. Real Salt Lake MLS match last Saturday. It was a sellout! :o Something like 30K people at Qwest field, I was kinda surprised. Very loud crowd, a lot of fun. Though the stupid horns were beyond annoying...:x


Sounders won 2-0; the 2nd goal was just pretty. :lust:

Here are the highlights (1st goal at 0:55, nice save by Sounders keeper Kasey Keller at 1:55, 2nd goal at 3:00):


A lot of fun. ;) See, we 'mericans aren't completely hopeless...:P

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Way to go! :thumbsup:


You know, in just 435 days, 3 hours and ~20 minutes the world cup starts in South Africa! ;)

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Anytime I see soccer I am reminded of the Simpson's episode with American announcers calling a soccer game and then viewing the Spanish announcers calling the game. The spanish announcers were so amped as opposed to the americans that were so subdued.

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:thumbsup: Both goals are pretty ;)

Yes, I hate that kind of horns too ;)


Here's the soccer team I like, Atlético Paranaense, from my city. The staduim construction will be finished in next months.


It's the final of "state cup" (plays only teams from my state) Atlético wins this match by 2x1, but sadly, an early result give the cup for the opponent team. Stupid rule!




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