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Europe & The PSP

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You need to have a thick-skin to be a gamer in Europe. Since the beginning, we have had to suffer from shoddy PAL conversions, lengthy release shedules, and a feeling of total neglect in the market. I am sure there are parts of the world that are worse off, but Europe always comes in as a distinct third place behind Japan and the US. Particularly galling is that a great many games are actually written in Europe, but are still subject to these problems. The latest insult to us Europeans was the extended delay in releasing the PSP console here. The original announced plan was to release at the same time as the US, but the release was delayed many times to ensure that the US was kept properly supplied with the consoles. The end result was that the console was finally released last week after 6 months of delays. post-4913-1105835261_thumb.jpgDuring the delay, many jumped-ship to the Nintendo DS (which only suffered minor delays), but others such as myself ensured the wait. However, now that I finally have the console I can't stay mad for long. I have been playing it non-stop for the last few days, to the detriment of everyone and everything else, and I can say that it is the most exciting thing to happen in gaming for a long time. It is basically the portable that I have always dreamed of owning: gorgeous looks, tiny size, amazing screen quality, great games, and reasonably battery life. The only downside is that Sony have locked the thing up tight, and there likely won't be many homebrews for some time. This is a pity, as I can't see how more games could hurt the console, but this seems to be the way things are these days. Anyway, I can't stay and chat any longer - a certain game called Lumines is calling again :) Chris

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Hi there!


I'm still undecided which handheld I'll buy next year. I want to see some more interesting games released first. At the moment I'm favourizing the DS a bit, but that may change during the next three months. (Though the DS has already Castlevania on the horizon :))


Well, as for the European side of things, I think we got "Another Code" for the DS way sooner than the U.S. Here it was almost a launch title and I think it's still not available in the colonies :)




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Hi Manuel,


I may have exaggerated the unfairness to European gamers a bit, but I think my point is still valid :) I spent a long time reading the reviews and thinking which one to buy. The DS appears to be ahead on quality games at the moment, but the PSP has some great titles coming soon, e.g. GTA, Lemmings, Namco Classics. I think the DS is also a bit too close to the GBA which I already own, and I didn't like the stylus control. However, in the end it probably came down to looks: I think the PSP looks gorgeous, while the DS looks bloated :)



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