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Spectravideo's Planet Patrol

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Spectravideo's Planet Patrol is too me impressive because of it being so ambitious with all the things the programmer(s) were trying to do in this game.


Day and Night Stages,Refueling Truck and Debris are little touches that make me look at Planet Patrol with a impressed smile on my face.


Is Planet Patrol that hidden gem or over looked title in your Atari 2600 collection that you have been meaning to play or pick up but have not got around to yet? Not really but i feel it deserves some play time every so often.


Playing shooters(shumps) on the PC Engine i look at Planet Patrol being a precursor of sorts to those games in it style and how it plays.


I only own a few Spectravideo games and Planet Patrol is the one i always go to every few months or so for a few rounds of play and for the time i give to it i find it not to be too bad of a game.


It is not greatest game but i have played far worst in my life so yeah its worth a round or two before i put it back in the stack to be forgot about until next time.

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