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Z3 continues

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Z3.C is functional, but I'm still bug hunting. It now gets to the first input in HitchHiker's, but doesn't grok the input. MiniZork starts, but misfires printing out the detailed location info. (Which probably means a bug is in the object/property/attribute code somewhere.)


What I really want is a PC trace from a known good interpretter, which I could then use to narrow down my bug hunt. Unfortunately, none of the Z-Machine interpretters I've found has this option. I could look at their source code, but I'm not sure that would be any easier. It would be one thing to look at something specific (like how to handle Jump if Equal with more than 2 operands), but working through every opcode would be much harder.


But I think I'm close. One idea I had last night is to compare what opcodes HitchHiker's and MiniZork use before the first input. Anything which isn't used can't be the problem.

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Fixed the bug which was causing MiniZork to misfire. Still have the issue with input handling.


Unfortunately, I didn't make a backup of Z3.C before I started testing. I'll have to do that in the future so I can see all the fixes.

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