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Last friday was my son's 9th birthday, so I got him Scribblenauts for the DS. After playing through the first world (11 "puzzle" levels and 11 "action" levels), I have to say I'm fairly impressed. The game manages to squeeze a mind boggling number of items onto the cartridge. And there's another nine worlds to be played through (each with 11 puzzle & 11 action levels). I also like how it makes you think - and the spelling is a good "edutainment" angle.And yet, I have a few complaints:

  1. Handwriting recognition is hit & miss. You'd think after 20+ years of research and improvements in computing power that it could accurately recognize "R" correctly rather than "P" or "K". I'd prefer to write than use the keyboard, but the mistakes can be frustrating and make writing slower than tapping.
  2. I end up using a jetpack more often than I'd like. And there doesn't seem to be an obvious alternative. It's also something which isn't shown - so if you didn't think of it you could get very stuck.
  3. Some puzzles are very picky (and tricky), while others seem to almost accept anything as the correct solution. (However, I did have fun seeing what clothing items I could put on the maniquin - including garters & a corset!

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