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Maze Realms reformatted

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Took a while for me to get to this point since I was also mapping out 7800 games, listening to music, attempting to design a few big complicated and likely unworkable 7800 cartridge formats, and various other little projects. After all that, I finally have the source code for Maze Realms (The old Action RPG code base) reformatted and compiling.


It doesn't FUNCTION correctly however since I ripped various things out as I went. That's the next phase. :)


Have to clarify in my head again exactly what the new screen dimensions are going to be since I shrunk and simplified the status bar. I'm still thinking on exactly how this game will work but I've fished up a few ideas. A bit of random placement should certainly help the replayability factor as well.


Oh well, here's hoping I can still get the current code to compile AND run properly by halloween! (Not that it'll be finished by then of course but it's a good goal to aim for!)

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