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Fire Pro Wrestling

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It's back! GBA Chronogaming is back! Seeing as how this is from BAM! Entertainment, which has a lousy track record, I was expecting a lousy game. And that is exactly what I got. It could have been a contender, but instead, with the difficulty setting on ONE, I was being wiped on the floor. This didn't last three minutes until I turned it off in disgust. The CPU opponent was kicking me, punching me and outright beating me up. Sure, I got a few kicks in (or did I? I couldn't tell.) but I suck at this game. One thing I can say is that the music and graphics are good for a launch title, but if the play control is lousy, does that really matter? I think I'll leave professional wrestling to the professionals. Next Up: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

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FPW games can be hard at first but once you figure out the timing in them they can be a blast to play.


These games are not button mashers and are a different beast than any other wrestling video game out there.


I have played them on the GBA,PS1,PS2,PC Engine and the Sega Saturn so i have a ideal about them and yes they can be quite hard at first but once you get a feel for them they are much more enjoyable.

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Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for PS2 is easily the best wrestling game ever made and most people don't care for it.

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