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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

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This would have been a good racing game except for one thing: Bumping into the walls is bad. What I wonder is how do they expect you to take sharp corners WITHOUT bumping into the walls? Naturally, I find myself bumping into the walls all too frequently, which leads to me losing power and eventually having to quit the game. And that's in Training mode with nobody else on the track. Stupid move with the punishing you for something you have to do a lot. It's like the game is punishing you for playing it. Now I thought I was a decent enough video game player, but after playing those last two games, I feel like I suck at playing them. But I think things will be brighter. These are what's left of the launch titles I've yet to try: GT Advance, Chu Chu Rocket, Rayman Advance, Konami Krazy Racers, Namco Museum, Pitfall, Tweety and the Magic Gems, Iridion 3D and Super Dodgeball Advance. I'm going to my used video game store tomorrow to see what I can find of these and hopefully I'll begin liking GBA games.

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It's a good game but I do agree it almost feels like a pinball game at times with so much bouncing off of walls.


About your upcoming games: Konami Krazy Racers is AWESOME! Easily my favorite kart racer (along with Cartoon Network Speedway). You can't go wrong with Namco Museum.



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