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Reality Station - post Amiga System

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It's been sometime since a previous start-up Company I owned had been involved with something called the phoenix platform consortium - the idea behind the consortium was to bring together users, developers, Amiga Companies and investors to create the next generation of computing to replace the void that was been created by the Curse of the Amiga . I always see the Amiga as been the successor to the Atari 8-bit's and in some repects the Amiga 500's and Atari ST's were the game consoles of that time i.e 1 floppy disk to load and play was very similar to inserting a cartridge and turning on. I would say that a large percentage of owners of these systems only had them to play games.


Over the next few ramblings from me I want to look at what went wrong with our attempts at creating a new system, why I don't think computing particular for fun with games doesnt have to be windows and whether its too late to have a new system in the market (I remember reading an interview with Nolan Bushnell sometime ago that at some point games consoles will be open source - with the developments in open hardware and "hobbyists" creating new systems that time may be arriving soon)


As to this blogs name? its taken from an article by John Chandler sometime ago about the RealityStation : This is Reality Control the system ideas2reality were developing at the time.



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