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I recently finished Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. I plan on going through all 5 games throughout 2010. We'll see how that goes. However before I dive into Soul Reaver, I'm going to take a break and re-complete a couple of games for my Games Complete list. I already "completed" these, but it was before I started my list. And I gave myself the requirement of having to re-complete such games if I want to add them.


Those games are:


Evil Zone (PS1) - a 3d fighter. Simplistic with the moves etc, but fun to play. It's one of those games I'd like to see redone and re-released for the current gen simply because PS1 3d fighters weren't exactly stellar in quality. ;) It was great for back in the day however.


Ar Tonelico - a rpg/dating sim type game for the most part. I solved this one prior to the list started as well, so only Ar Tonelico II is on the list so far. Figured I'd get this one added to it prior to Ar Tonelico III being released in North America. (Hoping it will be that is. :ponder: It gets released in japan later this month.)


I'll probably have Evil Zone completely unlocked Saturday morning at which point I'll start in on Ar Tonelico. I'm also going to be putting time in on Maze Realms. I'll be implementing the room objects properly and starting in on the Inactive Lists. Beyond that I have nothing planned beyond a possible visit with family (Weather pending - I heard we're suppose to get another storm around here soon.) and perhaps a trip to go look into potentially purchasing a new used computer.


Not getting rid of the current one however! I'm just going to use the extra comp to go playing around with Linux again. I'll probably have more patience with learning how to install the comp if I still have a box that works and connects to the internetz while I do so. (Seriously, that's something I needed last time as I kept running into problems with the dsl support - problems that were answered in their ONLINE WIKI.



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