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The place for Conan O'Brien is the Ed Sullivan Theater

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Random Terrain


The place for Conan O'Brien is the Ed Sullivan Theater


I liked Conan O'Brien where he was. After a horrible start, he eventually became the king of late night. He looked like he was confident and in control on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. When he went to the Tonight Show, it was like watching a 9 year old wearing his father's suit. It just doesn't fit. He no longer looked like the king of late night.


I liked Jimmy Fallon on SNL, but he sucks as a talk show host. And although I hardly ever watched Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, he seemed to fit there and everything worked (talk about a well-oiled machine). Jay Leno's new show is unwatchable and that generic theme song doesn't help. The whole thing makes you want to cringe.


Can't we put Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno back where they were and forget that this whole mess happened? And can we put Jimmy Fallon back on SNL so he'll stop making bad movies and ruining talk shows?


Putting Jay Leno on 30 minutes before Conan O'Brien is not going to be the same. Jay Leno is still going to look like someone chopped off his balls and Conan will probably end up leaving to host an even crappier show at another network. Conan's only hope is for Letterman to have a heart attack or retire so Conan can move in. Conan's ratings will probably be better than ever better back in New York in the old Ed Sullivan Theater. Jay Leno can have the Tonight Show back until he chokes on a mouthful of Doritos, then Jerry Seinfeld or Tom Hanks can host the Tonight Show and all will be right with the world.



Random Terrain


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Looks like Leno is cancelled...And, you are right, Conan makes NY jokes that the LA idiots just can not get;it's almost too agonizing to watch.

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