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MythTV plotting

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Well, I just bought two ATI HDTV Wonders on eBay, so I guess it's gone beyond plotting.


I've read as much as I can without taking the plunge. In theory it should be fairly simple.

1. Acquire PC to use as a back-end server. This server contains the capture cards and the hard drives to store the recordings. Since I'm dealing with ATSC the CPU specs don't matter.

2. Acquire compatible capture card(s). Sure, there may be cheaper cards out there which you might be able to get working, but it's reasonable to assume if no-one has done it, it can't be done.

3. Download and burn the install ISO. I'm going to play with LinHES as it seems to be minimalist (so probably better for my needs). However Mythbuntu seems to have a more active community (and is on the current release of MythTV.

4. Install & test. In theory LinHES is also a LiveCD which will allow any computer to be used as a front end. If so, that would allow me to use another computer during the test.

5. Get PS3 interface working.


4a. Filesystem configuration:

hda1 is the /boot partition, ext2 formatted

hda2 is the / partition, Reiser3 formatted

hda3 is the swap partition

hda5 is the /usr partition, Reiser3 formatted

hda6 is the /var, ReiserFS formatted

hdb1 is the /mythtv partition, JFS formatted

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First hiccup - the LinHES LiveCD fails to boot successfully. Sigh...


I might try the Mythbuntu LiveCD, see how that works.

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Mythbuntu boots okay. It looks like LinHES is choking on my nForce IGP. While it might be possible to get it working, I'm not willing to invest the time & effort. I want something which "just works".


If neither worked, I might be more willing to invest more time in figuring out whether the problem is fixable, or trying out the other spare systems I have in the basement.


On the good news front, the eBay seller I bought the HDTV cards from has backed off on the shipping cost. Two cards for US$45! Woot!

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