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Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

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Company: MajescoRelease Date: June 2001 (launch title)Size: 32 MegabitsNP's rating: 3/5ESRB's rating: E, mild violence"Oh, goody! Pitfall!" I thought as I first put this game in the Game Boy Micro's slot. I was highly disappointed. David Crane must be spinning in his grave. What? He's alive? Well, he's not making games any more anyway. The result of bringing Pitfall to the Game Boy Advance is a graphic upgrade, and basically what it is is an Earthworm Jim clone with jungle elements with a literally impossible first level boss. I mean, how are you supposed to attack this lion coming at you with nothing but a whip and automatically get hurt each time you do it? Before the boss, though, there is a bit of "where do I go?" questioning, and one false move can get you behind pretty far. And there is no average health meter, instead a picture of Harry and an alligator, with each painful infliction getting Harry closer to it. You lose a life when the Harry icon gets eaten by the gator icon. A pathetic attempt to be clever. Just give me a stinkin' health meter! This game is extremely difficult, and if you want Pitfall on the GBA, it's much better to just get Activision Anthology.

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The GBA version was a pretty bad port, and probably the worst one to play first if you've never played any other version of this game before (By the sounds of the review, I'm guessing you haven't :thumbsup:). If you get a chance, I may recommend trying the SNES, Genesis or Sega CD versions if you have the hardware (The Jaguar version is also good, but it doesn't run as smooth as the 16-bit versions, making it more difficult to get used to). As far as difficulty, yes, this isn't an easy game when set next to a lot of other popular 2D platformers in the '90s. The levels can seem confusing at first, but after a few plays you will get used to them and be able to run right through them (While finding all the secrets). The inconvenience of the GBA screen probably doesn't help much in getting used to it, either.


As far as the boss, make sure you saved your stones through the level (for the most part), as they are essentially your basic projectiles. The boss essentially just moves left and right, occasionally jumping (but usually not). Jump over him, and as he's running in the opposite direction, you can throw one, two, maybe three stones at him. You have to be quick with it, but when you get the hang of it, rinse and repeat! Also, there are also two special items that are less frequently available (but you do get a few on the first stage)--the boomerang and the explosive/bomb shot. I highly recommend the explosive on boss fights, as it doesn't have to hit exactly dead-on and it will take off a good chunk of life.


Hope that helps. ;)

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