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#302 - Frankenstein's Monster

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Well, Frankenstein's Monster came in the mail today. The game works, but the cartridge is a little broken. I need to jam it into the slot in order for it to fit in there. I think there's something wrong with the keys. I'd like to try and get the chip into a different cart, but first I need to know two things: #1, will the chip fit in a normal Atari cart, and #2, how do I open a Data Age cart? I don't want to break the thing, I want to be careful opening it. Well, anyway, I now have every Data Age cart. I even had Secret Agent put onto a cart for me. And this Sunday is the flea market. I don't expect to find any Atari games, but I have to go just in case, and also, it's fun looking at all the old junk.

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