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Tweety and the Magic Gems

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Company: KemcoRelease: June 2001 (launch title)Size: 32 MegabitsNP's rating: 2.5/5 (v.146 p.117)ESRB rating: EFirst off, this would have been a good game, if the buttons did things right when you pressed them. No, instead, most of the times you press a button and it doesn't do anything. At all. Play control is HORRID on this. And this is a game that needs good play control because it is a minigame collection. I often ended up placing last because of the poor button pressing detection. I tawt I pwessed a button. Nope, says the game, you didn't so you have to stand there while the computer controlled players get to move. It's like the game is punishing you for playing it. Argh! I wanted Elmer Fudd to come in and shoot me in the head to end the misery, but he wasn't in the game, so I just turned the game off.

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