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Fun with Tetris (Game Boy)

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I can't seem to unscrew the screw in the battery compartment, so I guess I'm stuck with the row of dead pixels. Well, anyway, I discovered something in Tetris for Game Boy that I don't think has been discovered (you can correct me if I'm wrong.) Once you beat level 9-5 in B Type, press select on the screen when the people are dancing. When it switches to the screen where the rocket takes off, it doesn't until you press select again. Isn't that weird? Why would it do that? Oh, and I also found the Tetris for NES instruction booklet along with an NES system instruction booklet. And I made up a mockup of a page of the 2600tris manual (in case it ever gets made into a game.) This is how I'd like one to be (with nicer pictures, of course:) I think this is a pretty interesting setup for a page, don't you?

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