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Two more Lynx games

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First of all, I found out that what I said about pressing select in Tetris isn't true. It just takes a while for the rocket to blast off in the scene. Well, I need two more Lynx games to have a "complete" collection. (Complete meaning disregarding the Telegames and homebrew releases.) Today I just placed an order for Super Asteroids and Missile Command to an outfit that is selling them for $29.95. I think it's amazing that after 20 years, you can still find NIB Lynx games. Why didn't people open these things up and actually play the games? That's what they were designed to do, not sit unused in an unopened box. I also think it's interesting that Atari released two Lynx games in 1995. I mean, the Lynx was dead in 1993, right? (I don't know, I was playing my SNES at the time.)

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It is interesting how the games came so late after the Lynx was for the most part dead.

However, you have to remember, that fact alone accounts for a lot of the reason that these are harder to find, and that when you do, it is new stock. They just did not sell as much as the earlier titles except to the diehards that were hoping it would all pan out for the Lynx.


The sad thing is, SA/MC was an excellent game. I think they were hoping it would help revive them some.

No such luck though. Funny thing is that SA/MC was complete by 1993. Then they redid the entire SA game. I have the proto that has the other game and it is a better game in my opinion then the one they released. I really wonder why they did that.



Complete collection without Telegames and homebrew releases is like saying you have a complete collection of Atari 2600 games by only omitting Rarity 5-10.

Keep plugging away at them! Otherwise... you have to get them all!!! :thumbsup:

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