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Atari Jaguar

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Just bought an Atari Jaguar on eBay that comes two controllers and six games: Alien vs Predator, Cybermorph, Missile Command 3D, Raiden, Ruiner Pinball, and Wolfenstein 3D. For $60, it seems like a pretty good deal.


I've been wanting this system ever since I borrowed one from one of my friends back in 1996. I had borrowed the system and his only two games, AvP and Cybermorph. I enjoyed both games well enough but it was AvP that really pulled me in. I spent so many school nights sitting at the end of my bed, playing that game with the lights out. Good times. Though, I also remember that game scared the crap outta me! Hahaha


Anyway. I can't wait to finally have a Jaguar to call my very own lol

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Not sure if you got anything complete with that, but regardless, it's still a good deal with games like AVP, Wolfenstein, Missle Command and Raiden in there. Nice find! :thumbsup:

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