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Looking Forward

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The 2600 scene is still alive and well, and there are quite a few of exciting projects currently in development. I have probably forgotten some, but the ones that I am looking forward to the most are:







  • KO Cruiser - a very nice arcade port.
  • Duck Attack - an extremely quirky and novel game from a new 2600 developer.
  • Ballblazer - it is hard to believe that the demo is running on an unmodified 2600 console.
  • Panky The Panda - a highly polished platformer.
  • Circus Galacticus - a hugely ambitious project, but it looks great.
  • Charge - a very promising bBasic game.
  • Steam Tunnel Bob - still hoping this will be finished, although Propane13 seems to have moved over to 7800 development.
  • Boulderdash - really hoping that this will be finished some day, particularly as it is very close to completion and runs on Melody hardware.
  • Prince of Persia - this one is up to me, if only I could find more free time!



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I'm mostly looking forward to the port projects, especially yours and Ballblazer. Boulder Dash in theory as well, albeit I stopped waiting for a release years ago. Should it ever happen I'd love to get a copy though :)


I also hope TJ continues working on his Elite engine :ponder:

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