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GT Advance Championship Racing

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Release Date: June 2001 (launch title)Company: THQSize: 64 MegabitsNP's Rating: 4/5 (v.146 p.116)ESRB Rating: EWell, it's a racing game. It's not terribly fun, but it isn't lousy. It's not something I would play for hours on end, though. It's more realistic than Mario Kart, which is bad because you often hear the squealing of the tires because of the hairpin turns in the tracks. And it gets pretty hard pretty fast even on the beginner's mode. Once I got up to the Bayside track, I consistently came in at the bottom, this after finishing first or second on the first four tracks. Luckily, the game has passwords, so I bet I could check out every track if I wanted to. The other racing game available at the GBA's launch was the similarly-titled Top Gear GT Championship, but first I have to play the games I got from eBay.

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Give GT Advance Championship Racing 3 a try. It improves on this game in many areas and throws in a battery backed save. It basically polishes up this game into something much more fun.


GT Advance 2: Rally Racing (I might have the title a bit off, but close enough) is also a fun one.


Top Gear Rally and V-Rally 3 are the best of the bunch for realistic GBA racers though.

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