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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

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Company: ActivisionSize: 64 MegabitsRelease: 6/01 (launch title)NP's rating: 5/5 (v.146 p.115)ESRB rating: E (animated blood)OK, I am not a skater. If I tried to get on a skateboard, I would probably fall down. So, not knowing what I was doing, I went into this confused. I picked "free skate", which is just doing whatever you want without worrying about scores or anything else. The game looks like something the N64 would do (I haven't played the N64 version), which means great graphics for the little handheld. But unfortunately, the 3D graphics are a bit disorienting. Are you on a ramp or next to it? After doing a bunch of nollies and other things I had no idea what I was doing, I decided this game is not going to make me want to go out and skate. This is the kind of game that made me wonder why to do this GBA chronogaming blog. I mean, what did I get into? There is good news, though: only 5 more launch games to go! But I have to find them first.

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