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GoSub...for the Lynx?

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After making GoSub for the 2600 and Virtual Boy, I thought to myself: What system needs more homebrew support and more games and I own it and an emulator for it. I've decided the Atari Lynx fits these guidelines. And, I figure it should be fairly simple to program. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the proper tools to start fiddling around with it because Karri's server is down or broken. Whether I go anywhere with this is uncertain. I've learned a little bit of C with my Virtual Boy experience, and apparently this uses C, so it's a perfect fit. So now I need to learn how to program for the Lynx. This could be frustrating, but hopefully I will be able to make something for the Lynx. I still haven't mastered hexadecimal numbers, I cheat and use Windows Calculator to convert decimal to hexadecimal.

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