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Well, after saying I wanted to go to the library to do research on my Keizer site, I finally got the first of what I assume will be many trips out of the way. As a result, three articles have been added. I hope to have this site done by November 2, 2012. It's a 30-year retrospective on the city. I was born on the day they voted to make it a city. As a result, my birth announcement was in the same day's paper as the first article posted on the site. After the library, I went to Straight From New York Pizza and got a large slice of Hawaiian. Hawaiian is my favorite pizza type. It was good, but not as good as Figaro's. Tomorrow, I want to go to my sister's house and bring my TV, VCR and antenna to see if I can get KWVT where she lives (I'm too far south. icon_sad.gif ) If possible, I'd like to tape a few commercial breaks and post them up on YouTube. And, if you don't visit the classic gaming forum, I got a TurboGrafx 16 with Splatter House and Keith Courage. And I got a game in the mail for my GBA Chronogaming blog, will put a look at it up next week sometime. So that's what I've been up to for the past few days that I didn't update my blog.

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