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Konami Krazy Racers

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Company: KonamiRelease Date: June 2001 (launch)Size: 32 MegabitsNP's rating: 3.5/5 (v.145 p.117)ESRB rating: EA bunch of Japanese video game characters take to their go-karts and emulate Mario Kart. That is the basis, and it does what it's supposed to pretty well. Since I didn't want to go through all the rigamarole of unlocking new courses with what sounds like a stupid license-earning thing, I just had someone else do it for me (I cheated and used one of the save slots that had every track unlocked.) Sometimes it's eerily similar to Mario Kart, and you wonder why Nintendo didn't sue, since most of the things in here are also in Mario Kart: Super Circuit (which was released two months later.) But aside from Goemon and Castlevania's Dracula, I didn't recognize any other faces. The track themes are similar (although this one has more Rainbow Road-themed tracks): Castle, Sky, Ice, etc., there are similar items, but although the game is good, I would just prefer playing Mario Kart, unless you would like to race as Goemon. ;)

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