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DS in 2010

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Well, apparently the DS is still going to be with us until at least 2011. So the shovelware continues ("Imagine" series, I'm talking to you. icon_wink.gif ) Just got my first DS game of 2010 today: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. Haven't played it yet, am waiting until tomorrow (in case I have to rant and rave and yell at my DS so mom doesn't have to hear it.) Although there are still a few games for my "must-have" title list I still haven't got. Let's take a look at it, shall we?out: Valkyrie Profiles, Touchmaster 2, Sonic Classic Collection (out tomorrow)not out yet: Picross 3D, Tetris 2010, Touchmaster 4, Intellivision Lives!, Powershot Pinball ConstructorAs you can see, although the DS is alive and kicking, there aren't that many upcoming titles I want. Hopefuly there will be some more that I'd like to get. Right now my collection is at 145 (146 if you count my Japanese copy of Electroplankton). And although the year has barely begun, I think Intv Lives is going to be the game of the year for 2010, but December 31 is a long time from now.

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I downloaded the PS3 demo of Sonic Racing and I wasn't that impressed. My biggest problem is the weapons unbalance the game. Once I was able to get myself towards the front via a combination of good driving and an alternate path. But as soon as I rejoined the group - BAM - I was hit with some kind of weapon which dropped me to the back. Of course, when I use my weapons on the karts in front of me it barely slows them down.


Weapons and other powerups are common in most kart games. And there's nothing more satisfying than taking out an opponent at just the right moment. But I can win playing Mario Kart 64 on the easier levels without firing a weapon - just on driving skill. (Harder levels require some more offense.)

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I'm really bummed by the lack of worthwhile DS releases lately. For a while it was my favorite system... now it's falling in rank fairly quickly. :ponder:

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