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Records I want

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Right now I'm listening to Procol Harum's "The Worm & The Tree". I've got back into my record-wanting groove (no pun intended). I figure these will probably be the easiest to find. There's this record store on Commercial right after the library called Harvest Records, and the owner is there, a weird-yet-very-polite guy named Brian, every time I go there and buy something, he always says "If you take it home and don't like it, birng it back and I'll give you 100% store credit." During the history of me going there, I have never taken anything back. So, I want to go there Saturday and see if I can find the following:GENESIS - FoxtrotRUNDGREN, TODD - InitiationRUSH - Caress of SteelRUSH - 2112YES - RelayerYes, it's for my long song record collection. I have all these on CD, but want them on vinyl, too, especially the Todd Rundgren one. The CD split "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" into 4 different tracks (why?!) I'd like to listen to it with no less-than-a-second-long silent gaps in it. It's one of two places in the whole town you can find records (if you don't count places like Value Villlage, whose records are of crap nobody wants like Air Supply and Neil Diamond.) And thanks for reading my blog. I have just gotten over 100,000 views in its three-year history so far. Here's to the next hundred thousand!

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