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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon



Company: KonamiRelease Date: June 2001Size: 64 MegabitsNP's rating: 5/5 (v.146 p.114)ESRB rating: T - mild violence, animated bloodThis game is not worthy enough to use to wipe my butt with. It's another one of those games where I can't pass level 1. And you only get one life? Fail. How is one supposed to defeat the poison worms on the ground if you can't whip them? How in the hell are you supposed to know when that stupid Earth Demon is going to attack? Why is the game so f---in' hard? This has to be one of the worst video games I have ever played, not just in this blog, but for all my 27 years of life. I have to go now, I'm going to play E.T. and Pac-Man on my Atari 2600.up next: Either Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 or Top Gear GT Championship Racing.

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Tip-- Castlevania games are all about leveling up.

You need to kill a bunch of little things. That will make you stronger.

Find save points. Those are special rooms that are single rooms. Push up to save.

Don't go attacking the big bad guys yet. Instead, kill a bunch of little things.


When you go to the sub-menu, you'll see how far it is to level up.

It's not that hard. Just time consuming at first. :ponder:



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