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Army Men Advance

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Company: 3DO

Release: 6/11/01 - Launch Title

Size: 32 Megabits

NP's Rating: 3/5 (v. 146 p.117)

ESRB Rating: E (mild violence)


This plays like an uber-hard version of Doom. I just don't get how the game expects you to not get hurt when there's three men shooting at you at the same time. I can't complete the first mission because of this fact. And that's on Easy setting. So suffice to say, I don't like the game. The game is basically going around trying to shoot as many tan army men as possible. The game's graphics go for a more cartoonish look rather than realistic men. And with no way to regain health, it's basically a sucky shmup. This ends the launch titles! And up next, I handle a Hot Potato!

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