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Pac-Man Collection

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Pac-Man Collection is a collection of Pac-Man games. First, there's the normal Pac-Man, playable in either full-screen or scrolling. Then there's Pac-Man Arrangement. This one puts Pac-Man in sort of a Super Mario Bros.-style worlds. Of course, you're still in a maze and same goal is to eat all the dots, but there's additions such as pills which do various things, new enemies that try to ram you, and other interesting things. Of course, the game gets real hard real quick but lucky you: you have infinite continues! It took me a long time to beat all 5 levels, and i really needed all those continues, too. Pac-Attack is a Tetris-like puzzle game in which groups of bricks, ghosts, Pac-Men, or a combination of two fall. A row of bricks disappear, but if one or more ghost is in a row, the bricks will not disappear. Your job is to get the Pac-Men to eat the ghosts so the bricks can fall down and disappear. And, then there's Pac-Mania, a port of the arcade game. I knew this game from the unlicensed Tengen NES version. It has bigger, harder, scrolling mazes, and it's harder even though Pac-Man has the added ability to jump. So what do I make of all this? This is a game that Pac-Man fanatics will really get a kick out of, and so will people who aren't crazy about Pac-Man (like myself). I enjoyed most of it.


up next: Fortress.

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Almost thought you were talking about the 7800 Pac Man Collection But Im guessing its the GBA version which I have also and is a nice assortment of games

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