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which iPod shuffle?




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  1. 1. What should I do?

    • 1st generation shuffle - buy another when it dies
    • 2nd generation shuffle - more expensive, but should last longer
    • 3rd generation shuffle - it's only money
    • cheap MP3 player - sorry kid, no iTunes for you!

My wife has suggested getting my son an iPod Shuffle (or similar) to replace the kiddie cassette player he has. A bid advantage of going with an iPod is my son can therefore get stuff from my wife's iTunes library. However...


Reasons I don't like the current 3rd generation iPod shuffle:

1. C$70+tax

2. Controls on the headphones. However, C does think K's iPod headphones are comfy.

3. It's dang tiny, just looking to get lost.

4. Requires a special USB cable for charging & sync. (Something else to get lost.)


I like the 1st generation iPod shuffle, and I can get one for C$30+tax. But they are ~5 years old so I'm not sure how good the battery & flash will be. Then again, my batting average for iPods from eBay ain't the greatest and it's about half the cost of a new one anyway.


Going with a non-iPod MP3 player isn't really an option 'cause it couldn't play anything purchased from the iTunes store.


So I'm torn. Buy something cheap even though it will probably die sooner rather than later or buy something more expensive even though it will probably get lost before it dies?


(A second generation shuffle is a C$40 fourth option. It at least works with normal headphones.)


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I got a dead cheap Archos 1 Vision recently. 4GB, 1.5"TFT, even plays FLAC for ~€26. I got a coupon and only payed ~€13. A bargain!


Its far from being perfect, but suits my daily needs. And if it gets broken or lost, well, who cares. :)

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I have a first gen Shuffle. The good: large enough so it's harder to lose, works as a USB flash drive, controls are large enough to easily work. The not-so-good: end cap can come off so potentially you could lose the shuffle anyway, have to have a lanyard or case to wear it, looks dorky as a necklace.


I'd suggest the second gen. It's got a built-in clip so hanging it off a pocket or belt is really easy, it still has a full set of controls, it's aluminum so it's a bit sturdier, and it comes in different colors so you could get his favorite.

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A no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. 2nd generation, all the way.


Control-on-headphones is retarded. 3rd Gen

Built-in clip is essential. 1st Gen


This reminds me that I need to pick up a few backup 2nd gen shuffles in case mine ever goes kaput.


I'll never understand why Apple replaced the 2nd gen form factor. It was as perfect a design for it's intended purpose as you could ever hope to achieve. Apple has always been extremely adept at balancing form and function, but in the case of the 3rd gen iPod shuffle, they simply took the design a bridge too far.

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Yeah, I'm coming to the conclusion the 2nd Generation is the way to go. The 1st generation, while a nice form factor, is simply too old, while the 2nd gens were made from late 2007 to late 2009. I also just realized that it will be a heck of a lot easier to get an external speaker for the 2nd gen than a 3rd gen.


I think with the 3rd generation the Apple designers wanted to make it as small as physically possible, which made built-in controls difficult or impossible. Thus the controls got moved to the headphones, adding additional licensing revenue opportunities.


Anyway, I`ll see what I can get on eBay, or try to find somewhere else which might sell em.

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This weekend we found the 128MB MP3 player I bought a long while ago. I've loaded itunemywalkman on my wife's MacBook, so now we can sync to it. I'm still watching eBay for 2nd Gen shuffles, but this is a good stopgap.

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Note: I did get my son a used 2nd gen Shuffle from eBay.


Yep, I noticed that. I guess they had enough people complain about the 3rd gen Shuffle being too small and needing Apple headphones.


I'm a little confused about the 6th gen Nano. It's almost an upscale Shuffle - no video (not that watching video on a 2.2" QVGA screen was super-duper). But I guess it puts the focus back on being a music player. I wonder if it still has games or if they also got lost. And why multitouch on a 1.5" display?


I do think that FaceTime on the Touch is a great idea. Now we just need to get FaceTime clients for PCs.

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