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Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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I must admit, I didn't watch the movie. And even if I did, it was released nine years ago, so I would have probably forgotten what it was about. So I was going into the game knowing nothing of the characters and plot. What I found was typical of platformers: Difficult, although I was able to get past level 1, I gave the game three chances to get past level 2, but it didn't want me to get past it, so I quit. I could just look up the passwords on the internet, but I don't want to for two reasons: #1 - if the game is hard on level 2, I don't even want to attempt level 3. #2 - Complete and total apathy. This game is not engaging in the least to me, probably because of its level of difficulty. Remind you, this is a game that is based on a Disney movie, so it should have been easy, if not easier.


up next: ESPN X-Games Skateboarding (whoopee.)

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