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The problem with blogs

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The problem with this whole blogging thing, at least from my perspective, is that I tend to ramble on too much. (This should come as no surprise to people who've known me over on the MacMAME Message Board, or have read any of the video game movie reviews on my website.)


My first blog entry was titled "If it's Saturday, it must be October". Of course, I neglected to actually include anything relevant to it being October. For example - the reason I look forward to October.


Baskin & Robbins.


Every year in October, they justify their otherwise tenuous existence with the release of Pumpkin Pie ice cream. Man... that's good stuff. As a kid, I can remember looking forward to October, and stopping by B&R on the way home from church on a Sunday night to get a scoop of Pumpkin Pie ice cream. I always got it with a scoop of chocolate, too. Not sure why, but the two flavors just meld together perfectly.


It always instantly brings me back to my childhood, in a way that only CheeseKorn can.


But don't get me started on the whole CheeseKorn thing. That's an entirely different addiction.


Now, instead of paying for a couple of vastly-overpriced scoops of ice cream, I just buy a couple of quarts and stick 'em in the freezer. It's way cheaper, and should last me most of October.


Or at least until next weekend.


The second post in my blog was titled "Rock, No Paper, Scissors". And of course, I completely forgot to bring up the whole point about not actually drawing on paper anymore. I draw pretty much everything directly in the computer now. I still crank out quick sketches on Post-It notes or a sketch pad if the computer isn't handy, but the last label illustration I drew on paper was for the Climber 5 contest. Everything since has been done entirely in the computer. The trick has been to not make it look that way.


One of these days, I'll post some long, rambling blog entry with an irrelevant title about that. But right now, this entry is about blogs. Not... blogs.


That didn't make any sense.


Oh well, I didn't see anything about that in the rules when I signed up here.


Prior to starting up a blog, I've been looking around at some other people's blogs, and I've found out a couple of things.


A lot of people start blogs, and then never post to them. This seems like a good trend for me to follow, so watch for that in the coming months.


Also, I'm not the only person here with a plant named "Plant".


I am, however, probably the only person here with a second plant named "Other Plant".


And yes, I can tell them apart. "Plant" is the bigger one.

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