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ESPN X-Games Skateboarding

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This game isn't very good. First off, I don't know how to play skateboarding games. That puts this game at a disadvantage before I even put it in the Game Boy Micro. Once I did, I tried the practice thing (in this game called Freeskate). The only thing I could do is make the guy jump by pressing A or make him twirl and jump at the same time by pressing either R or L shoulder buttons. The way you move around in the park is reminiscent of Skateboardin' for the 2600, which is kind of stupid because you'd think the GBA would have the capability of scrolling the park around. Anyway, basically, it's one of those games that even if I had an instruction manual, I still wouldn't know what the heck I'd be doing.


up next: Rocket Power: Dream Scheme

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