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Rocket Power: Dream Scheme

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First off, I hardly know anything about the cartoon series this was based on. All I know is it's about a group of skater kids that hang out. That being said, the premise is simple: You skate around levels, pressing R switches you from skateboard to rollerblades, pressing R again switches you from rollerblades to shoes, and pressing R again completes the cycle by switching you from shoes to skateboard. On the skateboard, pressing B makes you jump onto things in the background, while B not being pressed makes you skate in the foreground. With that being said, imagine my anger when I have 13 of 15 stars, only to realize that there's a giant wall, and before that is a passageway under it, but you need a key to enter. Only problem is, the programmers forgot to put the key into the game! I searched high and low for that stupid key, bopping on enemies' heads, hoping to find a key somewhere, but to no avail. That's right, kids, level 1 is impossible to beat! Major bummer, huh? Totally un-radical. To start off things, you could pick between two levels, maybe the key is in that other level and you need to pass that level before you can pass the one I selected, but then that would be totally unfair. I doubt that's the case anyway, and IMO just another case of Impossible Mission for the 78000-syndrome, which is too bad because it's a decent enough platformer, which can be aggravating at times. Unfortunately, there was no effing key!

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