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Burnout Revenge: It's Addictive

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I like the Burnout games quite a bit. I don't play them as often but with the latest Burnout, Burnout:Revenge, I can't get enough of it. Many racing games discourage you from crashing into traffic or other racers. You get penalized or your car gets totalled. However, in the Burnout games, the objective is to crash into as many other cars as possible and create the most spectacular crashes possible. This game does not fail to deliver on such objectives. Sure, the graphics could be a bit more polished (this is the PS2 version after all) but overall, I'm happy with the presentation and the variety of modes offered. It definitely gives me motivation to go back and try to place higher in a race or finish collecting all the points possible to advance my rank. Now, if only I can make more time for this game. I might end up buying it.

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The problem with buying it is you tend to make time to play it, when you should be doing other things. I bought it the day it came out, and it's sucked up a bunch of my time. I'm about 2/3 of the way through it, but it's getting quite difficult to complete some of the events now.


Some of the Crash events are quite frustrating, since you have to figure out exactly which cars to hit, and how to hit them, and even then, it's often just sheer luck if you can score enough for a decent ranking. There are a couple I just gave up on after getting Silver.


Traffic Checking events get really difficult, too. They leave huge car-less gaps in the tracks that you have to scream through in order to keep your time going. Brutal.


Burning Laps are the worst though. Some of them are absolutely unforgiving. Too much racing, not enough crashing for my tastes. They could completely remove that from the game, and I'd be happy.


Even so, I'll still be first in line to buy Burnout 5. :sad:

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It does piss me off in some areas.


The Crash events start out as fun and quickly become an exercise in futility as I can't seem to score as many points as I'd like sometimes.


But honestly, I can't think of much else to complain about. I liked Burnout 3, though I only played an in-store demo.

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