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Coffee and I

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As I sit here drinking my coffee and trying to wake up, I think of all the things that could transpire this week. With my boss on vacation for two weeks, it leaves a lot of possiblities for what could happen. If we're lucky, we can get caught up on stuff. However, we have to work as a team first for that to happen. Also, when things get busier next week, how are we going to get along? I'm still wondering how myself. Survival is important but it can't be done without cooperation among people. Well, back to the coffee. Hell, with only 2 calories a cup, I could drink it in place of soda and save money (they have plenty at work). Just gotta stay awake and probably start sleeping earlier at night so that I'm ready for next week.

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How many calories does tea have? That's what I usually drink at work.

Coffee makes the inside of my mouth taste like ass after a few hours!!


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Chocolate shakes are high in calories.


I gotta cut back on the coffee already though. I get too wired.

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