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Lynx: Bigger, Badder, Better (but mostly Bigger)



When you see Lynx being discussed on the net (or anywhere else, for that matter), some wise guy reminds us all that Lynx sux because it's huge. Yes, it's huge, but size is power. I would love to see your pretty little Game Boy run Klax, so I can whip out my Lynx and blast you away. But anyway, let's discuss Lynx. Like I said, it's big.




But this size is for a good reason. Lynx has a large, color, hi-res, backlit screen. This screen makes it possible to play games like Ms. Pac-Man and Klax without cutting corners. There are also several games for Lynx that were so graphically powerful they couldn't work on any other system (Xybots). It speaks to Lynx's superiority that it took 12 years for a system to come out that could equal it (GBA), and then another 2 to surpass it (N-Gage). But back on topic, Lynx's size is quite justified, unlike Game Boys.




Game Boy is roughly 3/5ths the size of Lynx, but much of that size is wasted. Rather than use the large casing to their advantage, Nintendo filled it up with hardware that was outdated before it was even released. It had a terrible black and green display that had a big problem with ghosting, and the only way to make it visible was to sit directly under light and turn the contrast up. And all this requited 4 AA batteries. While Lynx required 6, at least it justified the amount.


And now, to flash forward to today. Things seem to be totally opposite of what they were in the 90s. Portables are small, and and home consoles are huge. Playstation 3 is a big, heavy boat anchor, and Xbox 360 isn't much better. Wii is the only console that has any respect for size. It's slightly smaller than a Nintendo 64, which is a pretty petite size. However, transfer that size to a portable and petite becomes huge.




So while people may bash Lynx for its size, those who have actually played it will tell you: bigger is better. Its extra-wide design means you can hold it without your fingers getting all knotty behind it. That is to say, it's a lot more comfortable than Game Boy. It's also not a great big eyesore, unlike you-know-what.


Now, if you don't own a Lynx and are under the impression it's a terrible desperation cry from Atari, buy one. All the assumptions spewed from the mouths of non-Atarians will become void. Lynx is the Biggest, Baddest, and Best portable from the old world.

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Long live the Lynx! It's size but light weight is an interesting sensation when its being played. I think its proof of something you allude to: that Atari was using the size to its advantage. Clearly its not completely chock full of electronics, they did it for ergonomics. And while I am not myself left-handed, I applaud for making the largest single-handed (pun intended) gesture towards lefties the world over with the only ambidextrous console/handheld/controller.

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